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Professional color services
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Since 2007, Shear Attitude has satisfied the demands of clients. Whether they have requested highlights, great coverage, or a contemporary hairstyle, Nancy Johnson will fulfill the client’s needs. Nancy's private hair salon is ready to give client’s their desired looks. From haircuts to keratin treatments, Nancy will exceed your expectations every time.

Shear Attitude Hair Salon Services:

  • Expert Hair Coloring
  • Blonde Specialty Services
  • Cutting + Styling
  • Keratin Treatments

Our Passion.

Cutting and Styling

Shear Attitude Hair Salon in Costa Mesa gives you a haircut that is gorgeous, maintenance-free, and exactly what you want. With years of experience, Nancy Johnson takes your ideas and turns them into first-class results.

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From lightening dull locks to getting rid of grey hair, Shear Attitude can make your highlights the highlight of your day.

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Keratin Treatments

Our hair changes as we age. Keratin treatments from Shear Attitude can turn back time and help your hair stay young.

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Corrective Color

Is your hair not looking the way it was supposed to? Shear Attitude understands how to improve your hair color and give you the look you really wanted.

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Grey Coverage

Get that grey out of your hair. Shear Attitude Hair Salon expertly covers the grey areas in your hair to help you look as young as you feel.

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Text your headshot for a complimentary consultation (949) 723-4688