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Highlights, grey coverage, and color correction: best hair salon in Costa Mesa

In the heart of Costa Mesa, you will find the best salon for hair coloring services: Shear Attitude Hair Salon. With a location that meets all safety and sanitation guidelines, professional hair colorist Nancy Johnson is ready to give you a safe and fun hair styling experience.

Nancy is a specialist in blonde coloring, color correction, and grey coverage. At Shear Attitude Hair Salon, Nancy understands how to to create the perfect color with Schwarzkopf coloring products. She understands hair on a level far beyond your typical stylist. After several getting certified, undergoing extensive training under the Vidal Sasoon methodology, and withstanding several years of hands on experience, she has earned the repeat business her clients give her.

Nancy believes that hair is your most important accessory. You wear it with everything. Following the best hair color practices, Nancy creates the hair color that best shows off your style. With over 25 years of hair color experience, she is the professional “who knows hair” and will perfect the greatest look for your expressive lifestyle!

In order to make sure you have a clean, social distance-friendly experience, please be sure to make an appointment. Shear Attitude Hair Salon will be a location ready to color your hair at that time. To book a consultation or time slot, please call Nancy at (949) 723-4688.

Benefits of Nancy’s hair coloring & grey coverage:

  • A colorist with years of training and practical experience
  • Educated on trends, techniques, technology, precise and proper formulating
  • Nancy uses the best products available
  • Nancy helps you build and keep the integrity of your hair
  • Unbeatable gray coverage right here in Costa Mesa
  • Color corrections

Learn more about Schwarzkopf coloring productshere.

Our Passion.

Cutting and Styling

Shear Attitude Hair Salon in Costa Mesa gives you a haircut that is gorgeous, maintenance-free, and exactly what you want. With years of experience under her belt, Nancy Johnson takes your ideas and turns them into first-class results!

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From lightening your dull locks to getting rid of grey spots, Shear Attitude can make your highlights the highlight of your day!

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Keratin Treatments

Our hair changes, and what was once shiny and straight can become frizzy and time-consuming. Shear Attitude’s advanced keratin treatments help your hair stay the way it was meant to be.

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Corrective Color

Is your hair not looking the way it was supposed to? Shear Attitude understands how to fix your hair and give you the look you really wanted.

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Grey Coverage

Get that grey out of your hair! Shear Attitude Hair Salon expertly covers the gray areas in your hair to help you look as young as you feel.

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