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Keratin treatments in Costa Mesa – Hair Smoothing

Keratin treatments by Shear Attitude Hair Salon are simply exceptional. Nancy Johnson, the hair care expert at Shear Attitude Hair Salon, provides exceptional keratin protein treatments to maximize their benefits. She is certified in using Lasio smoothing products. The results of keratin treatments are brighter hair, more volume, curly hair without the frizz, and a drying time reduced by up to 50 percent – imagine, how much time you’ll be saving in the morning! By scheduling an appointment with Nancy, you will get the most out of your smoothing treatments.

Our salon is committed to offering complete safety while offering keratin treatments. As such, Nancy provides a location modified to meet all safety and sanitation guidelines.

What one of Nancy’s most loyal and satisfied clients had to say:

“When I turned 49, my hair simply changed. I had grays here and there, but the coarseness of my hair became a barrier to my time in getting ready for work each day. This was not a welcomed change in my life, so Nancy at Shear Attitude Hair Salon recommended I try a Keratin Treatment. I have to admit, I reluctantly went through the Keratin process, and afterward, I never looked back. I have my youthful hair back. Thanks, Nancy!”

Lasio Keratin Smoothing Treatment

Lasio has no formaldehyde and is a 90-minute application. It’s a restorative treatment, eliminating 100 percent frizz. This is not a chemical relaxer and does not break down the bonds. It is a water-based product, not silicone-based!

Good to know!

Both of these treatments last for 16 weeks with unmatched shine and ease of styling. Shear Attitude Hair Salon serves clients by appointment only. To experience Nancy’s exceptional hair care, call (949) 723-4688.

Professional Keratin Treatments and Smoothing Treatments

Pura Luxe formulations are made with natural proteins and aromatic essential oils. The protein penetrates through to the hair's cortex, while the essential fatty oils wrap and protect the hair from any damaging day-to-day elements that our hair endures. The Amino Acids penetrate the hair strands and straighten them by transforming the internal textural memory of the hair fiber.

Hair changes as we age. Keratin treatments from Shear Attitude Hair Salon in Costa Mesa are a great way to turn back the hands of time and give you back your young, healthy, and smooth hair. This treatment uses hydrolyzed human hair protein to bring dull, thin, and dry hair back to life.

S4Tec Keratin Smoothing Treatment

The S4Tec Keratin Smoothing Treatment is a much healthier choice and brings hair to its ideal, most beautiful condition without damaging the hair or using dangerous chemicals.

Top salons are abandoning their existing keratin treatments to protect their stylists and clients and are switching to S4, making a better, safer, faster, and healthier choice!

For healthier looking and more manageable hair, S4 has three formulations to allow for all hair types and lasts for months.

Our Passion.

Cutting and Styling

Shear Attitude Hair Salon in Costa Mesa gives you a haircut that is gorgeous, maintenance-free, and exactly what you want. With years of experience, Nancy Johnson takes your ideas and turns them into first-class results.

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From lightening dull locks to getting rid of grey hair, Shear Attitude can make your highlights the highlight of your day.

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Keratin Treatments

Our hair changes as we age. Keratin treatments from Shear Attitude can turn back time and help your hair stay young.

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Corrective Color

Is your hair not looking the way it was supposed to? Shear Attitude understands how to improve your hair color and give you the look you really wanted.

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Grey Coverage

Get that grey out of your hair. Shear Attitude Hair Salon expertly covers the grey areas in your hair to help you look as young as you feel.

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